Tired of looking old, wrinkled & weak?

HERE IS A Highly Sought After 1831 Clinical Discovery By Ferdinand Wackenroder, a German Chemist.

This discovery Helps To:

Without undergoing facelift or surgery to look younger & Without using whitening creams to look smooth.


It will interest You to Know that… Age(number) doesn’t matter Anymore when it comes to Looking Healthy, Young, Energetic & Physically Attractive.

No! it doesn’t anymore because science has prevailed here..

That is why without being told, 

You can never tell the real age of celebrities like Gabrielle Union

You see…..

When it comes to looking healthy, young, smooth, energetic and…

attractive with ageless skin, age(number) is just 1%.  While our environment influences the rest. 

Why? Because our environmental purity has been compromised. 

So you have 25 year olds looking 35 and 35 year olds looking 60 with… 

And all manner of illnesses that trigger Abnormal Aging.

But With This Anti-Aging Discovery By Ferdinand Wackenroder,

A 69 year old can outshine a 30 year old looking more Healthy, Young & Energetic.

So for you to maintain a smooth, healthy & ageless skin and protect your body from diseases that…

make you look & Feel old like Arthritis & cancer, you have to be very intentional about it.

Especially if you experience environmental factors like:

These Factors combine to produce what is called Free Radicals in your body.

These Free radicals are unstable atoms that damage Your cells, cause illness & Aging.

Because of their instability, they begin a process called Oxidative Stress.

And…. Oxidative stress can damage the body’s cells, leading to a range of diseases and causing symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles etc.

Free Radicals Break Cells Down Over time.

According to the free radical theory of aging first outlined in 1956, 

Free radicals break cells down over time & in a way that…

Makes the body age Faster & As the body ages, 

it loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals. 

The result is…. more free radicals, more oxidative stress and… 

more damage to cells, which leads to degenerative processes, as well as aging faster than normal.

This explains why you look older than your Age Grade.

At this point, 

All sorts of whitening creams can’t help you.

Even if you use a million mixtures, it won’t help you.


Whitening creams are part of the things causing you to Age Abnormally.


Because Most of the whitening creams contain ingredients like

Hydroquinone, Mercury and Kojic Acid.

And these chemicals kill the skin cell responsible for maintaining your original skin color Just to lighten you up.

In the process of doing this, it not only creates Free Radicals in your body,

It mass produces different illnesses like kidney disease etc.

And really, it’s not your fault because.. If you knew better, you wouldn’t have spent your hard earned money on them.

Thats How many people end Up Causing Cancer for themselves because they want to look Younger and attractive.

But you see.. It was not like this in the beginning.

God’s intention was for us to live longer, live healthy, look young and Energetic.

Just like the man who lived for 152 years.

His name was Thomas Parr. He was born in the year 1483 in England. 

As he got older, “Old Tom Parr” became somewhat of a legend.

(There’s even a statue of him at Westminster Abbey in England.)

During his long and fruitful life, he got married twice. First in his 80’s and again at age 122.

When he died in the year 1635 (at the ripe old age of 152), doctors couldn’t wait to figure out just how this man was able to live so long. 

A physician named William Harvey performed his autopsy.

(William Harvey was also the first doctor to discover how blood circulates in our bodies.)

During his autopsy he made a shocking discovery. 

He found that Old Tom Parr’s organs were in a perfect state. 

He reasoned that Tom Parr was perfectly healthy… and had just died because of old age.

Now keep in mind, this was long before the invention of “modern medicine.” 

They didn’t have prescription drugs we have today that are supposed to “save” you.

They didn’t have all this sophisticated surgery to look younger.

They didn’t have their environment compromised with a lot of gas flaring and ozone depletion.

All they had were Herbs with potent nutrients that Fought Free Radicals And Guarded Their Cell Power House.

You see…

If you were to reverse every degenerative and damaging effect already done on your cells via eating Herbs Daily,

It will probably take you more than 152 years because you are more exposed to more damaging effects from the environment than ever.

That’s why the only way to effectively Fight Free Radicals, Reverse the long term effects and protect your cells from oxidative damage,

Is By Taking Just Two Pills A Day.



I have been taking this product for at least a month, And works great. My eyesight feels better and does not get tired at all. I spend time on my computer, which used to bother my sight, but with this product, that issue is gone. I can’t complain when a product accomplishes its goal.


I have eczema & seborrheic dermatitis and I read that vitamin A can help that. I even had eczema on my hands and in between my fingers. I have only taken it a few days and my eczema is 90% cleared up and not itchy at all, 


My hair feels thicker and grows well now.

This PILL contains 2 Active Ingredients that makes it very POTENT.

This PILL was made from 2 Active Ingredients because of their unique traits and role in the human body and it helps to:

Ingredient 1 - Beta-Carotene.

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant.

It protects the body from damaging molecules called free radicals. Free radicals damage cells through a process known as oxidation.

Over time, this damage can lead to a number of chronic illnesses.

In the body, beta-carotene converts into vitamin A (retinol). 

We need vitamin A for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, and for healthy skin and mucous membranes.

Taking big doses of vitamin A can be toxic, but your body only converts as much vitamin A from beta-carotene as it needs.

Ingredient 2 - Gelatin

Gelatin is a type of protein that’s made into a dried powder.

It’s created from isolating and dehydrating parts of animals, including skin, bones and tissue.

This might not sound too appetizing, but you likely won’t even know you’re eating it when you have it because it’s virtually colorless and tasteless.

The reason it’s used in food preparation and as the basis of many jellies, desserts and candies is because it acts like a sticky adhesive, similar to a natural glue.

The gelatinous quality of gelatin is actually one of the things that makes it beneficial when we consume it, because this is what allows gelatin to help form strong cartilage and connective tissue that gives parts of our bodies elasticity.

Gelatin provides amino acids like glycine that strengthen the gut lining and therefore lower inflammation.

Glycine is used by doctors to help improve digestive, joint, cardiovascular, cognitive and skin health.

Now! This “two Active Ingredients” plays the most important role of giving you a smooth, healthy & Ageless body by doing 5 critical things. 

These 5 things Resets your biological clock & puts your body on a track to its youthful state.

These 5 Things Are:

The Beta-Carotene Antioxidant Makes Your Skin Soft, Bright & Elastic By Increasing Your Skin Cell Turnover.

Primarily attributed to its function as an antioxidant, beta-carotene can help improve skin health and appearance.

Here’s How it does it:

Now, The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells the same way the snake changes its skin and 

Every 28-40 days on average, a new skin cell is “born” and located in the deepest layer of your epidermis – which is the outermost layer of your skin.

The way it works is that new skin cells continue to arrive at the skin’s surface, pushing older cells off from behind. 

And this process happens over your entire body.


As we grow older, our skin cells turnover rate reduces while that of babies and young children are faster because they are still growing. 

That is why they have soft and bright skin.

The only advantage you have is to introduce a Catalyst like the the beta-carotene antioxidant into your daily Anti Aging routine

What it does is that it increases your Skin cell turnover so you always have new skin cells at the top of your skin.

And when that happens, 

Your skin appearance becomes brighter, lighter, more elastic and you eventually look younger than your age.

The Beta-Carotene Antioxidant Clears Skin Wrinkles, Dark Spots, Acne & Sunburn impact By Increasing Your Skin Collagen Synthesis.

It also has a natural exfoliation ability by promoting cell turnover, improving your skin’s health and appearance.

Now Collagen synthesis is the body’s natural process of producing collagen within the thickest layer of your skin.

Collagen is a type of protein composed of amino acids.

It is found in your connective tissue and is also a major part of your skin.

As a matter of fact, 

It composes most of your body’s protein accounting for 30% of the body’s total protein.

Now, medical studies have shown that factors like cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress and Age slows down the production of collagen in your body.

It further reveals that by the age of 25, it is estimated that you lose collagen at a rate of 1% every year.

So if you are 40 years of Age, you have lost 15% of your Skin collagen.

And with less collagen in the skin, it’s easier for visible wrinkles and sagging to show up on your face. 

You might notice this happening more in areas around frequently used muscles, like the forehead, or where you’re more exposed to the sun.

Protects the Skin from UV light exposures and skin burns

Because UV light exposure and pollution can cause the skin to age, sun protection, including from the benefits of carotenoids, can keep skin healthy and looking younger longer.

Studies show a diet rich in phytochemicals such as beta-carotene helps improve the skin’s defense against UV radiation from the sun. 

This protection will help the skin maintain its elasticity and decrease the effects of sun damage, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots.

Beta-carotene’s effects may help prevent acne and reduce skin blemishes. 

Also, Reports show that getting plenty of antioxidant micronutrients, including beta carotene, can increase the skin’s defenses against UV radiation and helps maintain skin health and appearance.

When you supplement Beta carotenes in the diet, it protects skin from sunburn and solar redness, after a minimum intake of 10 weeks. 

Protects you from Age Related Eye Diseases & Improves Night Vision

Provitamin A carotenoid beta-carotene may help prevent the onset of eye disease and can help promote good eye health.

Beta carotene helps in preventing night blindness and dry eye. It may play a role in preventing age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is an eye condition that causes blurry vision, most commonly in people over the age of 50.

Beta-carotene also helps to improve eye health by keeping the cornea—the surface of the eye—healthy and moist. 

Vitamin A may help improve night vision or low light vision due to its ability to help the eye convert light into a signal sent to the brain.

As a powerful antioxidant, beta-carotene helps reduce the oxidative stress on our eyes caused by exposure to blue light from device screens and UV radiation.

By boosting the immune system, vitamin A helps decrease eye inflammation and the risk of developing eye infections.

Protects you from respiratory tract infection (Lung Health)

Studies suggest that a diet rich in beta-carotene is beneficial to lung health. Beta-carotene gets converted to vitamin A in the body, which helps with proper lung function.

Due to its involvement in maintaining epithelial cells, or cells in the linings of tissues, vitamin A is vital for a healthy respiratory tract. 

Vitamin A deficiency, along with protein malnutrition, is the most common nutritional disorder in the world. While this mainly affects children in developing countries, more than 20% of the population in the developed world gets less than two-thirds of the recommended intake of vitamin A. Both liver and plasma levels are below the accepted normal range in this 20% due to modern society’s habits of eating foods with poor nutritional value.

Vitamin A deficiency increases the risk of developing and dying from various infections and developing respiratory tract illnesses. 

Taking beta-carotene supplements can help elevate vitamin A levels safely without the risk of vitamin A toxicity.

increase your immune health by reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Because beta-carotene is an antioxidant, it can increase our immune health by reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Oxidative stress directly contributes to chronic illnesses, including heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, stroke, atherosclerosis, and more.

Antioxidants boost our immune function by scavenging and destroying free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to our tissues, thereby contributing to chronic inflammation and disease formation. Researchers have shown beta-carotene to increase the activity and quantity of immune cells.

Carotenoids like beta-carotene have been linked to gene regulation and angiogenesis, or the growth and development of new blood vessels, affecting immune function.

Improves Gut Health, Digestion & Prevents Intestinal Damage.

Similarly to collagen, gelatin is beneficial for preventing intestinal damage and improving the lining of the digestive tract, thereby preventing permeability and leaky gut syndrome.

You can think of the gut lining as one of the body’s most important lines of defense, since it keeps particles from food, bacteria and yeast inside the digestive system where they belong and prevents leakage into the bloodstream, which triggers inflammation.

Gelatin can improve your ability to produce adequate gastric acid secretions that are needed for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Glycine from gelatin is important for restoring a healthy mucosal lining in the stomach and facilitating the balance of digestive enzymes and stomach acid.

When you don’t make the proper amount of enzymes/stomach acid, you can experience common digestive problems like nutrient deficiencies, acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, as well as anemia. Older people often experience more digestive problems because vital digestive juices are lowered during the aging process and worsened by increased stress.

Finally, gelatin is capable of absorbing water and fluids, which helps prevent fluid retention and bloated stomach while improving constipation.

Protects Joints and Lowers Joint Pain(Arthritis)

Collagen and gelatin have gained notoriety for easing symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is common in older people and considered the leading cause of frequent joint pains. As people age, they tend to develop more stiffness, aches and limited mobility that worsen over time since collagen continues to break down and erode.

Gelatin and collagen help stall chronic inflammatory responses, which reduces pain and stops progressive diseases that lead to impairments in joint function, such as degenerative joint disease.

Research shows that people with osteoarthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis, and exercise-related soreness or injuries can all benefit from supplementing with gelatin.

In clinical trials, people taking gelatin (around two grams daily) tend to experience less inflammation, less pain in the joints or muscles, better recovery, and even improved athletic abilities compared to people taking a placebo.

Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Certain studies have shown that gelatin helps people who continuously experience trouble falling asleep, can’t sleep or who have general unsatisfactory sleep if they take three grams before bedtime.

Researchers investigated the effects of gelatin on subjective sleep quality and found that it improved daytime sleepiness, daytime cognitive functions, sleep quality and sleep efficacy (sleep time/in-bed time) — plus it shortened the time it took to fall asleep and improved slow-wave sleep without changes in the normal/healthy sleep architecture.

Glycine also seems to improve sleep in a different way than traditional sleep medications or hypnotic drugs, which normally means less drowsiness and side effects the following day are experienced.

Lifts Your Mood and Improves Cognitive Abilities

The amino acid glycine is considered an “inhibitory neurotransmitter,” which means it acts similarly to some anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications, only without the unwanted complications and side effects.

People use glycine and other forms of amino acid therapy to naturally boost mental clarity and calmness because certain amino acids help lower “stress hormones” like norepinephrine and increase “happy hormones” like GABA.

About half of the inhibitory synapses in the spinal cord use glycine, and research shows that when glycine is not properly metabolized it can result in an increased risk for developmental problems, lethargy, seizures and mental retardation.

Protects You Against Heart Disease And Lowers Blood Pressure.

One of the most beneficial roles that gelatin plays in the body is neutralizing chemical compounds that we acquire from eating meat. Animal products — including meat from chicken, beef, turkey, etc., along with eggs — are high in a type of amino acid called methionine.

While methionine has some beneficial roles in the body, in excess it also raises your risk for heart problems and other ailments because it increases the amount of homocysteine in your blood. 

The more methionine we consume, the more we require other nutrients that help lower homocysteine’s negative effects.

High blood levels of homocysteine have been linked with increased inflammation levels and diseases like arteriosclerosis, other forms of cardiovascular disease, stroke, weakened bones and impairments in cognitive functions.

It’s not that you need to cut out all animal products in order to become healthier. Rather, you need to make sure you balance out the types of nutrients you get from your diet.

Facilitates hair growth and thickness.

Research shows that gelatin fosters hair growth

One study gave either a gelatin supplement or a placebo for 50 weeks to 24 people with alopecia, a type of hair loss.

Hair numbers increased by 29% in the group given gelatin compared to just over 10% in the placebo group. Hair mass also increased by 40% with the gelatin supplement, compared to a decrease of 10% in the placebo group.

Another study reported similar findings. Participants were given 14 grams of gelatin per day, then experienced an average increase in individual hair thickness of about 11%)

Reduces your risk of certain cancers

Research suggests that diets rich in foods that are high in antioxidants like beta carotene may help protect against the development of certain cancers.

This includes:

  • premenopausal breast cancer
  • lung cancer
  • pancreatic cancer

Now! How Do You Get these Two Active Ingredients in Sufficient Doses to Perform These Functions?.

This is where we come in.

We have adequately captured these ingredients in standard quantity in a Pill Called BETA-CAROTENE.

We did this because you might struggle to get this ingredients in the required amount and even if you do,

You might mess up the dose and overdose yourself.

Hence the need for the Anti-Aging Supplement.

That said, 

I’m Excited to introduce you to The Foremost Anti-Aging Supplement Called 

BETA-CAROTENE Anti-Aging Supplement



I noticed a reduction in joint pain and i work for long without having those piercing joint pain anymore


Works great for my skin! Almost feels like it produces a natural glow, as well. Also GREAT to take if you get a sunburn.


I have noticed improvement in eye comfort since taking beta carotene supplements, and NOW makes a good, more natural product.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Take Advantage of the “Beta-carotene AntiAging Supplement"?.

Think about how much it will cost to do a surgery that makes you look young, Attractive and energetic.

Research has it that In 2004, Dolly parton spent over $1million to make her breasts look the way they do.

She also did several face enhancements to look younger.

From this report, it’s clear that it will cost you a minimum of $1million or even more in recent times to do a surgery.

And more discouraging is that surgery doesn’t compensate as a solution for arthritis, brain damage etc.


You can achieve a biological reset and antiaging gene activation that impacts on your overall health and Appearance. 

You can achieve this with the anti-ageing treatment without undergoing any form of surgery, or any treatment that requires inserting needles in your body.

Which is why,

For only N26,000 you can get one bottle of the beta-carotene Anti-Ageing Treatment shipped to your doorstep Instead of N35,500…

All you need is take 2 capsules capsule with a glass of water, Compared with paying $1million for surgery with an Extra

  • Pain from Needles
  • Inconvenience and 
  • Burns from Lasers

All you need is to be consistent with one of These PILLS for over a period of 60 DAYS and you will start to experience the improvement after 3 weeks of use.


Select Your Package Below…



240 capsules


Normal PRICE = N101,000

SAVE = N16,000


three months ANTI-AGING PLAN.


180 capsules


Normal PRICE = N75,000

SAVE = N10,000


two months ANTI-AGING plan.


120 capsules


Normal PRICE = N61,500

SAVE = N11,500


one month ANTI-AGING plan




Normal PRICE = N35,500

SAVE = N9,500


Certified by NAFDAC

Our product is certified by nafdac so it has been proven to be of good health and safe for you.

Now! The More You Use This PILL The More Effective it will be.

The magic is in its continuous use.

Like the saying goes,

You get results by being consistent.

Taking the supplement and seeing results is like growing a new born baby.

You have to keep feeding it with the right nutrients so it grows well.

The same happens with your body.

And remember it’s a fight against free radicals & its damages.

As far as you are exposed to those environmental factors that Initiate free radicals on a daily,

You have to keep defending & building your body by using the Anti Aging supplements on a daily basis.

So the way it works is..

It first scavenges and feeds on the free radicals in your body.

It provides a shield around the mitochondria,

Then it begins to stimulate your sirtuin and also…

Strengthen and rejuvenate weak and dead cells.

So they begin to operate as new.

And the more you stock up the more you save.


We wanted to make sure you don’t have to break a bank to access the Anti Aging breakthrough.

So we made sure that..

The more you stock up,

The lesser price you have to pay.

Not because we are trying to be cheap.


We decided to make it affordable.

And only for a while because…

we had to trump down on our profit to make it this way so…

The earlier the better.

While you can still access this life changing opportunity to..

Regain your youthful look and energy 

Shield yourself from aging related diseases like cancer that.. 

Deteriorates your skin and makes you look old and dry.

Why not!

Take advantage of it today.

How Much Beta Carotene AntiAging Supplement do you need to take?

That’s very simple And Straightforward.

Just take 2 Capsules a Day for the next 30 days because those ingredients go to work immediately.

But on the better side,

You will notice that I said the more the better because…

These ingredients don’t only go to protect your body cells, it has to rejuvenate dead cells.

And the more you take it, you shield yourself from the impact of a compromised environment where…

The air is polluted with Free Radicals ready to eat you up.

So it’s also a defense system for you.

That’s why i said the more the better.

How Come The Beta Carotene Anti-Aging Supplement Has So Many Health Benefits.

This too is simple.

Beta Carotene is an antioxidant. And antioxidants possess strong abilities to fight off free radicals and prevent cell damage.

And remember that anything that can damage your body cells can bring you down in different areas.

So antioxidants have a duty to protect and shield you from the damage of Free radicals..

We Set Aside Just 300 Packs For Those Reading this Letter Because of our Monthly Subscribers.

We really like to brag about our product because..

It works!

Hence repeat customers keep coming back on a monthly basis to buy.

Think about it,

If you found something that…

Energizes you

Straightens out your wrinkles 

Make your skin firm

Improve your overall health and

You don’t have to visit hospitals regularly and spend your life savings on any chronic sickness, 

won’t you take advantage of it?

It’s like an immunity.

So you see… if you don’t order now, 

When you come back to order later, we might just be out of stock.

Because this isn’t enough to cover for the orders we get.

So make your choice now while we still have them.

What if the Beta-carotene Anti-Aging Supplement doesn't work for me?

See, it’s bad enough to sell what doesn’t work.

That will be a disaster for our company’s pride and goodwill.

And like you, I hate buying stuff that doesn’t work no matter the promises.

It really makes me pissed!

That is why… we are putting our goodwill on the line here.

No much talk.

If in 60 days, you don’t see improvement, we do a refund and apologize to you.

But you make sure you take it according to prescription.

Because prescription makes it effective.

60-days! We guarantee you.



my skin itself looks rejuvenated and is shining.


My scalp is less itchy, and my eyes feel way better and less dry. Also my rosacea on my cheeks is a lot calmer and the keratosis bumps on the back of my arms and top of my legs are gone!


This was my first time ever taking beta carotene supplements. Every summer I have always gotten burnt at least a few times while being in the sun, even with sunscreen. This year, I haven’t! I took this for a month before moving to AZ, and even in the burning sun I haven’t gotten burnt! I highly recommend it!

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