Tired of itchy, blurry and discomforting eye problems?

join over 1700 Nigerians That have Regained a clear & very sharp vision with the healthway vision capsule.

the healthway vision capsule is Biologically tested with proven human trials to help you experience...



I bought this product because I have early onset macular degeneration and it is helpful in delaying the spread of this process. I use it in combination with other products and so far my condition has not gotten any worse.


My husband has taken Bilberry for years. He is a diabetic and his ophthalmologist is very impressed that there has been little to no change in his sight, no bleeding or swelling or any of the problems diabetics could have with their sight.


Definitely recommend these if suffering from glaucoma or other eye disorders. After reading multiple reviews I decided to purchase, I am 34 and suffering from progressive glaucoma. These have made a WORLD of difference in only 2weeks of using. My eyes are a lot more moisturized and the burning and irritation that I usually experience is practically nonexistent. The pills are easy to swallow! The price is incredibly affordable for the results, TRY IT!!!

What Makes The Healthway Vision Capsule Effective For Recovery of Clear EyeSight.

The healthway vision capsule is carefully made from 5 ingredients but its key contributing ingredient is the Bilberry extract.


The impressive qualities of bilberries mean they could benefit a variety of eye conditions, says nutritionist Sarah Dumont-Gale.

Bilberry extract stabilizes tear production & improves Night Vision

The beneficial effects of bilberries are due to a number of different actions, including…

Bilberry extract improves eye health of persons with normal tension glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition where the optic nerve in the eye is damaged and can cause gradual loss of sight over time. 

as shown in a two-year study where over 300 patients who had been diagnosed with normal tension glaucoma were recruited.

At the end of the two years, the patients who took an extract with 120mg of bilberry anthocyanins daily showed an improvement in visual function by around 30 per cent, where the placebo group experienced worsening visual function.

Bilberry extract Helps to Reduce Eye fatigue and dry eyes

Office workers have long benefited from the healthway vision capsule because of its bilberry content.

Because it has been shown to reduce eye fatigue, ocular pain, eye heaviness and uncomfortable sensations in the eye.

all of which are associated with prolonged blue light exposure emitted from digital devices.

This has been further supported where adults who were exposed to visual display terminals (such as computer screens) for over 4 hours a day, noticed an improvement in eye fatigue and eye dryness when supplementing with bilberry for 6 weeks when compared with the placebo group.

79% improvement in the retinal abnormalities of persons with Diabetic retinopathy after supplementing bilberry extract.

Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes mellitus, where the retina becomes damaged and hemorrhages can form. 

One study with 40 participants (35 had diabetic retinopathy) either took 160mg of bilberry extract twice daily for 1 month, or a placebo. 

There was a 79 percent improvement in the retinal abnormalities in the bilberry extract group, whereas the placebo group remained unchanged.

This is what ultimately makes the healthway vision capsule effective because of its high content of the bilberry extract.

bilberry extract protects the EYE (retina and macula) from excessive light damage

Our retinas are liable to excessive damage from continuous exposure to light and oxygen. 

Research has shown that anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract has the ability to inhibit multiple biological pathways in the retina to protect visual function. 

Also Over time, the macula – which is the backmost part of the retina responsible for central vision, can be damaged by excessive light.

This light exposure is known to be a contributing factor to eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and can also contribute to the formation of cataracts. 

However, anthocyanins have been shown to protect cells from light-damage by absorbing blue-green light, thereby protecting the cells from high light stress. 

Furthermore, the rich anthocyanins content of the bilberry extract has been shown to boost the production of rhodopsinwhich is a light sensitive pigment that helps the eye adapt to light changes and improve night vision.

Bilberry extract helps with Cataracts

The high flavonoid content in bilberries can work to protect the lens and retina from oxidative damage, and has been shown to be protective against protein build-up in the eye lens, as seen in cataracts.

A study including 50 patients with mild senile cataracts reported a 97 per cent success rate when supplementing with bilberry and vitamin E for 4 months.

Bilberry Helps to stop Chronic eye itching

The most common cause of itchy eyes is an allergy. 

Itchy eyes can be triggered by exposure to pollen, animal fur, mold, dust mites, make-up or eye drops. 

The body reacts to the trigger by releasing histamine, causing the blood vessels in the eye to dilate and irritating the nerve endings so the eyes BECOME watery. 

The Bilberries content of the healthway vision capsule is rich in compounds known as anthocyanins and… 

These compounds enable your body to… 

Resist and Limit inflammatory reactions in response to exposure to an allergen.

And Ultimately stop itchy eyes and give you a clear vision that is free from itchiness and irritations.

Recommended for tech people that work long screen time

As a remote worker, it means working long hours with your phone or laptop.

Using the healthway vision capsule on a daily bases protects your eyes from damage that can result from blue lights and lack of blinking due to focus.

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties shield you from itchy eyes, red eyes, blurry vision etc.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Take Advantage of the “Healthway Vision Capsule"?.

Think about the cost of losing your vision.

It all starts with a blurry vision, red eyes and you may end up  with surgery.

And the cost of eye surgery ranges between 200k to 10 million.

But with the healthway vision capsule, you can get a clear vision and save yourself from future eye surgery.

Which is why,

For only N30,000 you can get 1 bottle of the healthway vision capsule shipped to your doorstep Instead of N35,000…

All you need is take 2 capsules with a glass of water, Compared with paying over 10 million naira for surgery with 

All you need is to be consistent with one of These PILLS for over a period of 60 DAYS and you will start to experience the improvement.



60 capsules



120 capsules



180 capsules


Now! The More You Use The healthway vision capsule The More You see progressive results.

The magic is in its continuous use.

Like the saying goes,

You get results by being consistent.

Taking the supplement and seeing results is like growing a new born baby.

You have to keep feeding it with the right nutrients so it grows well.

The same happens with the eyes.

Because the eyes has been subjected to terrible events overtime, 

It needs consistency to see improvements.

Also, Remember that.. The vision capsule has both protective and healing abilities.

So… you need it daily to guard yourself from wear and tear, eye fatigue, itchy eyes etc.

And you also need to take it consistently to see the healing results over time for chronic eye issues like AMD, GLAUCOMA & CATARACT.

This is based on the results from research based case studies like this below.




I noticed my eyes weren’t near as dry within 2 or 3 days so I’m very pleased with the results, also easy to swallow. Using my eye drops much less also.


This is a must-have herb for night vision! It helps build the capillaries in the eyes, 


I’ve been using this product for five months after reading of its eye health benefits. I’ve gotten my mother and father to take it as well. I have to say that it really works in improving your vision, especially night vision; it sharpens it more than anything

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